Thursday, November 1, 2012

Is There Anybody Out There?

Hello! We're Amanda (Sea) & Kim (Salisbury), and we want to welcome you to our little blog.

Our story goes a little something like this: We used to be college roomies who shared a love for food, fashion, DIY, vintage, music, and little adventures on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we are now separated by two different schools, two very busy schedules, and about one hundred miles. We decided that a blog would help us keep in touch in a creative way, and would help us share some of the things we love with others along the way. So voila! Here you have it; Sea to Salisbury. We hope that you not only enjoy the bits and pieces we share, but we hope that you feel free to comment and share a bit about yourself as well!

To get this blog rolling, here is a taste of who we are!

Amanda & Kim

(P.S. If you have any tips for blogging or blog design, please share! We are new to this kind of thing.)


  1. This is such a wonderful idea!! So great that you two have a place to share and connect!!


    1. Maria, thanks so much for commenting! It means a lot, especially coming from the author of a blog (Lulu Letty and now Hickory Juniper) I've followed for quite some time!

  2. Love this instagram styled pics
    x the cookies

    1. Thanks so much! We took all the photos with Instagram, and then used a great app (Picstitch) to put them into a collage.